What is Pixwox?

What is Pixwox?

What is Pixwox? Pixwox is a great application for browsing Instagram stories, reading people’s updates, and quickly downloading them. Have you ever wanted to check someone else’s Instagram story secretly? Yes, many of us secretly want to see someone’s Instagram profile. Everyone has thought about secretly stalking someone at some point in their lives. Be it an enemy, an ex-boyfriend, or someone you’re in a big crush on.

Unfortunately, Instagram records his views on other people’s story profiles. Visiting websites operated by third parties is a way to access them invisibly. Everything related to Pixwox applications is covered in this post. This application is for you if you want to browse and download someone’s girlfriend’s Instagram story anonymously.


Pixwox on the Instagram app allows users to save an enlarged, high-resolution version of their Instagram profile picture. This software will enable you to automatically download Instagram images, videos, highlights, stories, and highlights.

You can use this application to save your photos and videos and repost them to your Instagram timeline or Instagram feed without logging into your Instagram account. Users can view Instagram hashtags and account details by searching the profiles of their friends and favorite musicians.

Pixwox software allows you to take your favorite movies and photos and post them to your Instagram stories with original hashtags and captions. Standout features of the Pixwox for Instagram and Repost app include no login requirement, the ability to download videos and photos in full, short story downloads, link copy support, and a sophisticated bubble service that prevents switching. I have. an app.

Pixwox Application Benefits

Anyone can use this Instagram story viewer application to create stories without revealing their identity or other personally identifiable information. You can download exclusive articles from the Internet without registering for an account. The steps below will help you download the history to your smartphone if it doesn’t already exist. Your Pixwox activity is not visible to anyone. Pixwox provides a safe environment for viewing downloadable posts. This website is secure to use with the Instagram Charge Less app.

Drawbacks of the Application

There are many advantages, and to using Pixwox, they all have advantages and disadvantages. I found this software to have some drawbacks, which are listed below. The requested account is often not found. Pixwox is not well known on social media. Quite new to the industry and does not pay much attention.

Ratings for this website range from very low to very low. The domain registrar’s weak “know your customer” process could be a chance. Your site has a low trust score.

Steps to View and Download Instagram Stories

Below are some steps to help you learn how to view and download someone’s Instagram videos or stories.

  • Step 1: You must copy the username of the Instagram account you want to see the story or video.
  • Step 2: Open the Pixwox website in any of her web browsers. Good browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. JavaScript must be allow for it to work.
  • Step 3: Enter the username of the store owner or video you want to download or watch in the input box and click the Search button.
  • Step 4: All stories are collect and process by the Pixwox app being display. If you want to read and download posts, visit the posts page.
  • Step 5: Below each story shown is a Download link. Click the link to start the download immediately. This app makes it very easy to download Instagram stories. The procedure for downloading posted videos and photos is the same.


I hope this blog helped you find the pros and cons of using Pixwox software and the steps to download and view someone’s Instagram.

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