What is Pat Riley Net Worth?

Pat Riley Net Worth

Pat Riley is an American professional basketball executive, former NBA player, coach, and owner. Pat Riley net worth is $120 million. The Miami Heat hired him as their head coach from 1995 to 2003, and from 2005 to 2008. It is possibly his most well-known accomplishment. During the Los Angeles Lakers “Showtime Era,” he also had great success with them. Riley has five NBA titles to his name during his coaching tenure.

Statistics About Pat Riley Net Worth

Net Worth$120 Million
Age76 years old
Nationality American
ProfessionBasketball coach and team president

Early Life

Rome, New York, was the place of Patrick James Riley’s birth on March 20, 1945. Leon Riley, who played minor league baseball and appeared in four games for the Philadelphia Phillies, was Pat’s father and grew up in Schenectady.

Pat demonstrated his basketball ability and football ability while still in high school. While a student at the University of Kentucky, he kept up his basketball and football careers.

Both the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and the San Diego Rockets of the NBA had selected him by the time he had completed high school. He had the option of pursuing a career as a wide receiver, but he chose to play basketball and sign with the Rockets.

Pat Riley moved to the Los Angeles Lakers towards the end of his playing career. He assisted the Lakers in their NBA Championship triumph in 1972. After the 1975–76 season, Pat called it a day as a player while playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Personal Life

Despite being a mysterious character in basketball, Pat Riley has recently gained notoriety as a pop culture figure. The “Godfather” moniker refers to his distinctive style, which includes slicked-back hair and sharp clothing.

Even Giorgio Armani, with whom he has a strong relationship, is a brand he has chosen to wear throughout his whole public career. As of 2022, Pat Riley net worth is $120 million.

It became a New York bestseller after he published “Showtime: Inside the Lakers’ Breakthrough Season” in 1998. Riley’s children from her 1970 marriage to Chris are Elisabeth and James. Riley controversially gave a jersey to George W. Bush at the White House award presentation in 2007.


Pat Riley has a background in athletics. As Pat played four seasons for Kentucky at the NCAA level, his father was a well-known Minor League Baseball player. The Dallas Cowboys selected him in the eleventh round of the 1967 NFL draught even though he had no experience playing football in college.

Riley decided to remain with basketball, and the San Diego Rockets selected him with the sixth overall choice. He was a crucial component of the Lakers’ 1972 championship season. He later retired after his playing career, averaging 7.4 points, four years later.

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Riley’s abilities showed when he had a head coaching post. After being elected head coach, he guided the Showtime Lakers to three consecutive titles and four final appearances. NBA’s global appeal was increased by the phrase “three-peat.”

In 1991, the former shooting guard left his coaching role to join the New York Knicks. He could replicate his accomplishment in his hometown, but he added another championship in Miami. He guided the youthful Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade team to two NBA championships in 2012 and 2013.

The guy has won 10 NBA championships, including three while serving as an executive. He has earned three NBA Coach of the Year awards, and in 2012, the coaches presented him with the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award.


Rome, New York, was the place of Patrick James Riley’s birth on March 20, 1945. Pat Riley is an American professional basketball executive, former NBA player, coach, and owner. He has a background in athletics. Pat Riley net worth is $120 million. Thank you for reading this article.

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