The Extortionist Tarkov

The extortionist tarkov

The Extortionist tarkov mission starts once you reach level 7, and it’s one of the most satisfying in the game. You can use this tutorial to learn how to complete the task. You will be compensated for each delivery with experience points and weapons.

Tarkov: The Extortionist Skier:

A guide on how to complete The Tarkov Extortionist Skier Task in Escape from Tarkov. To complete Tarkov, firstly, you have to beat the Extortionist. The second is a simple mission that the Skier assigns.

One of the jobs that can be found in the game is Extortionist. It will be covered in this guide, as well as a list of all locations to see what is required and instructions on performing each task.

Principal Goals:

The Extortionist Quest divides its long list of tasks into two categories. Locate a secure folder in Customs, and then deliver it to Skier. In addition to the protected folder and one other item, there are three optional goals associated with the task:

  • Find or track down a messenger for Skier.
  • Identify the location of the hidden cargo.
  • Identify the precise location of the secret precious cargo hidden area.

Skier Task:

You must have completed the Supplier job from The Skier and be level 7 to access the quest The Tarkov Extortionist. Firstly, A task that can be completed to meet rid of Tarkov is The Extortionist. However straightforward mission to retrieve a precious item from the Customs map is assigned to you by the Skier in this duty.

Get the Unknown Key:

  • Northeast of Warehouse 17, in the garages area, you can find the messenger’s body lying beneath some bushes, where you can loot the Unknown Key.
  • Instead, you can skip this stage and buy the Unknown Key from the Flea Market before going to the Customs map.
  • As you enter a Customs raid, remember that it’s conceivable that other players in the same raid obtained the key before you, as you’ll be joining one.

The Cargo Location:

A Secure 0048, otherwise known as Hidden Valuable Cargo, is located in a cabin on the Eastern side of the Customs map. It can be found near a jacket when players enter the house and head downstairs.

You will find it below the cabin at this location. You need to deliver this to get your experience points and money rewards. To do this, find a safe case for documents, and bring them back to Skier.

Escape From Tarkov:

The Extortionist is an assignment in which you must find the messenger’s body and an unknown key. Once you’ve retrieved both items, you can unlock the Valuable Cargo container and return it to Skier.

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