How to Tame a Allay in Minecraft

How to Tame a Allay in Minecraft?

How to Tame a Allay in Minecraft? Alley is one of the mobs that will add to Minecraft in update 1.19. These are light blue mischievous creatures designed to help players collect items they find on the ground. They do this by receiving a starter item from the player.

You will receive more of that item before placing it near your netblock. They are interesting mobs that allow players to do wild things with farms and automated systems. However, the player must first find and tame an alley to do this. How to find and tame

Minecraft Finding Alley

How to Tame a Allay in Minecraft? Alley can be found in two different areas. However, the areas are thematically related. They can be found in groups of one to three in dark oak cages. The second location they are located in the forest mansion. They can be found in groups of 1 to 3 in this location and prison inside the mansion. Each prison cell can contain party spawns, and the player can have many or few allies depending on her RNG.

Taming Allays

An Allay with an Immortal Totem. I haven’t checked yet if it tracks players easily. Assigned to a specific network block. But we know how Alley gets along with players so far, if you give an alleyway an item to carry items with you, the alleyway will become friendly to the player, causing the alleyway to follow the player while searching for more things the player has in hand. I know it will be.

After tracking players for a while, the radius they are looking for is 32 blocks. You can follow players up to 1024 blocks away. It has only one inventory slot and can carry up to 64 stackable items simultaneously. 16 for ender pearls and snowballs.

Fortunately, if an ally works for a player, that player cannot touch him. They will drop any items they carry if killed in any other way. If you have the Totem of Immortality, you can prevent death from it. You can also recover one heart every second when you take damage.

Alley Uses

The benefits that alleys bring to the player are endless. As mentioned, it has a fairly large 64-block radius, which makes it great for finding items left on the ground. Although it has some limitations (it must be a dropped item and cannot be moved underwater), this can be a good advantage for the player.

Alley also makes good friends on the farm. Can carry items dropped from farms that fall crops. Not only that, but Allays will also deliver items to activated notebooks in-game. For example, a player can place a hopper next to a notebook, and Allays will pick up dropped items around the active notebook.

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