How to Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2? It is not a difficult task, and you can make it even if you are a beginner in the game. If you have progressed in the game and have some elements, you can start your flower-making journey from there, but if you are starting from scratch, there are 18 steps to make a Flower in Little Alchemy 2.

You’re able to start from Step 1 if you are new and getting started in Little Alchemy 2. How to Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2? However, if you have already made some of the items within these steps, you can pick them up from wherever you are in your Little Alchemy 2 journey.

  1. Earth and Earth = Land
  2. Land and Land = Continent
  3. Continent and Continent = Planet
  4. Fire and Planet = Sun 
  5. Water and Sun = Rainbow
  6. Water and Water = Puddle
  7. Puddle and Water = Pond
  8. Pond and Water = Lake
  9. Lake and Water = Sea
  10. Earth and Sea = Primordial Soup
  11. Fire and Fire = Energy
  12. Energy and Primordial Soup = Life
  13. Earth and Life = Soil
  14. Air and Planet = Atmosphere
  15. The Atmosphere and Water = Cloud
  16. Cloud and Water = Rain
  17. Rain and Soil = Plant
  18. Rainbow and Plant = Flower

The best way How to Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2

  • The easiest way is the plant + rainbow combo, which requires fewer steps. Here are the required steps:
  • Combines fire with itself to generate energy. I will save this for later.
  • Combine the earth with itself to create a land.
  • Create a continent by merging the earth with the earth.
  • Combine continents with themselves to form a planet.
  • Use fire to combine with the planets to create the sun.
  • Combine the sun and water to make a rainbow.
  • Rainbow elements aside, we need to focus on making the water combine with itself to form a puddle.
  • Mix the puddle with water. I will make a pond.
  • Once again, we need to combine water and ponds to create a lake.
  • Add water to the lake again to create an ocean.
  • Once you’ve created the ocean, combine it with dirt to create a primal soup.
  • Combine Primordial Soup with Life-Generating Energy

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