How to Draw a VolleyBall- Guide

How to Draw a VolleyBall- Guide

How to Draw a Volleyball ? Draw a Volleyball in just six easy steps! Volleyball is a sport of humble origins that is growing in popularity. First played in 1895, a man with inspiration created this primarily indoor sport as an alternative to games such as badminton and basketball. If you are a volleyball lover who wants to draw a volleyball, you are familiar with the ball, so you can easily pull it. I made a tutorial that details how to draw a volleyball and shows how easy it is.

How to Draw a Volleyball  Step 1

Starts the first step of the tutorial on how to draw a volleyball. First, draw a circle. It is virtually impossible to draw a perfect circle freehand. So some tools make it easy. The best tool is the drawing compass. Inserting a pen or pencil and using a sharp tip to complete the process will help you draw a perfect circle.

However, if you can’t use the compass, you can try some other methods. For example, you can use a flat, round object as a makeshift template. It could be something as simple as a glue stick cap or a bottle lid. But, no matter what you use, there are several options for creating circles.

Step 2: Draw a guideline

This part of the volleyball drawing requires bright colored pencils and a ruler. I don’t use ballpoint pens or dark pencils, as the lines I draw won’t be the final image, but they will serve as a guide to take the next step.m Using a pencil and a ruler, divide the circle into three slices, as shown in the reference image. Once these are drawn, let’s move on to the next step, which will help us in the next few lines.

Step 3  Next, start drawing the seams for the ball

Using the straight lines from the previous step, draw some curved lines in this part of the tutorial on how to draw a volleyball. Starting at the midpoint of the three lines, carefully draw a slightly curved line across them. These lines start at the same points as the straight lines, while they are bent in the middle. You can use either a pen or a dark pen in this step, unlike the previous step, which used a light pen. These lines will appear in the final image.

Step 4: Continue drawing the shoe seams

The volleyball needs more stitches, so let’s add some in this step! But, first, draw a few more curves to start the process. These curves are inserted into the left “slice” of the circle. Each has two turns running left and right, as seen in the reference image.

Step 5: Draw the last seam

This part of the tutorial on drawing a volleyball allows you to pull the final details before you start coloring. These are similar to the lines drawn in the previous step. Draw some more curves in similar positions to the previous lines in step 4 to finish the drawing. With these drawn lines, your picture is almost complete! You can add your details before moving on to the final step. Some examples are drawing a logo for a volleyball brand that can use in real life. You can even go further and paint the background of the image or even grab the hand. What scene comes to mind for this painting?

Step 6: Finish the volleyball painting with paint

In the final step of drawing a volleyball, have fun painting. I showed you one way to color this picture, but this is a step to show your creativity. Volleyballs have different color schemes and patterns, so express yourself with your favorite color in this step. If you drew background details or additional elements in the previous step, completing these elements in your own colors might be fun.

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